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I'm Mike O'Dyllan (or just Mikeo, as I'm often known,) a voice artist, actor and artist based in Brighton, England. I love working collaboratively and playing around with new mediums, formats and genres.

As a writer, I've written for fashion and lifestyle magazines such as FashionBeans and Candid Magazine, in addition to my scriptwriting and creative fiction. I also wrote the comedic dating simulator Mikeo Miami: Mikkaio no ainotameni in its entirety, as well as providing its artwork and coding. 


As an actor, I've starred in feature films, shorts and stage plays, playing roles from Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Michael Morpurgo. 

I used to co-host the comedy pop culture podcast Drunk Degrassi, which PopSugar raved was "[a] podcast about [an] old TV show."

Now, I help run a collective called Cable Two, creating live and pre-recorded video content which has elicited such praise as




You can click around above (or in the top corner on mobile) to see some examples of my work. If you want to get in touch, just fill out the form!

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